Sunday, April 29, 2012

Open Letter to the World / cc: US Government and Media

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Gabrielle Price.  I am a soon to be 45 year old mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and lastly: a music/film nerd and world-loving, photographer/news analyst from the Midwest of the United States.

Greetings to all sentient beings of the planet.  

I've met quite a few enlightened people throughout my journey on this big blue marble, especially through my current work as a news analyst.  Many I have viewed, heard or read throughout my time here which have made this life quite worth the daily muddling through.  Many are no longer with us, I am sad to say.  Then again, considering the state of the world as it stands today, they're much better off than a lot of us.

There is a phrase from one of my favorite films that we all come to recognize in time, upon viewing the film or not, "On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero."

I'm here to talk to you about that timeline -- because it grows increasingly short for all sentient beings when we ignore the dire consequences of the actions of very few.  Right now, it is the failure to act that concerns me -- and my hope is that this letter inspires everyone who reads it, to do the opposite.  I invite people to translate this letter to other languages -- I would if I were able and if there were time.

This is not about occupy, politics, money, resource wars, prestige, power or patriotism.  None of these things matter in light of what has happened in Japan -- a situation that continues to deteriorate and that all sentient beings should focus their attention on, reporting and sharing the findings of and working with every last breath in their bodies to try to remedy with every means necessary.

This is not a drill.

As much as I would like to report that US media is covering this issue or that the US government is actively working towards helping with a solution -- I am unable to do this with complete confidence.  I do hope to hear from someone that can raise that confidence.  I am aware of one US senator who has traveled to Japan to assess the damage to Fukushima's reactors and he has, from my understanding, begun the work of creating a task force to help aid with the shut down of these nuclear facilities.  Most importantly, Reactor 4, which is the biggest domino that would start a chain reaction the world has never seen before.

Never.  And several scientists claim that a collapse of reactor 4, without intervention to try to shut it down, would lead to the destruction of all life on Earth.

No joke.  This is not a drill.

I'm here to ask everyone who reads this to take up the cause of contacting every public official, politician, statesman, clergyman, serviceman, news outlet they can think of -- begin a petition to the highest officials to begin the process of shutting these reactors down.  Understand that any person who physically works to close these reactors will likely die from exposure -- and that the majority of the people living in Japan have not been told the truth about their own exposure.  Want to be a hero?  Good.  Read on.

Time grows shorter for us all if we fail to act because of hubris, or politeness or even greed.  Those responsible will likely never be held accountable -- and that has to be okay with us right now -- as long as we ACT to stop this catastrophic event from taking place.

This cannot be fixed with greenwashing.  This cannot be fixed with a vote.  This can only be fixed by mankind's ability to seize a moment in the history of the world to do the right thing by his fellowman and all the creatures of the planet -- and the planet itself.

To those in government and media who hesitate to act or heed the warnings of science -- know this:  There will be nothing left to buy or sell.  There will be nothing left of political parties, gala events or jet setting.  There will be nothing left of your resource wars.  There will be nothing left for your children or their grandchildren.  There will be nothing left to grow healthy food or even genetically modified food upon -- nothing left to drink to satiate your thirst.  There will be nothing left to vote for, nothing left to create, nothing left to aspire to, nothing left of your plans and no one left to make you famous.  Nothing left of your empire of dirt.

To those who feel there will be no use in trying -- know this:  There will be no more music, art or dancing.  There will be no more comedy shows or ironic discussions over coffee.  There will be no more aspirations or shooting for stars.  There will be no more sports broadcasts, roaring crowds, rock n' roll or annoying memes.  No sunsets, sunrises or paintings of either.  There will be no more first kisses, first loves, first cars, first tattoos, first marriages, first children, first steps, first times...or do-overs.

There will be nothing left.

UNLESS we ACT to help our fellow sentient beings in Japan to close these reactors down.  It may be a first chance for the world to come together and be heroes -- and save the day.  

It is either this or wait for a political leader or leaders to step up and become heroic for the first time.  But I'm not waiting on mother nature to push pause on earthquakes, hurricanes or tsunamis anymore than I will bite my tongue until a real leader with courage steps up.  That hasn't worked for me yet, how about you?

Everything else going on in the world right now takes a backseat.  Everything.  If we get through this, we'll be able to deal with the rest later...and those things will be a cakewalk in comparison.  I have two nieces to watch grow up and a daughter whose art could set the animation world on it's ear.  Two books to finish, several to write and I just started learning film editing -- not to mention I love music and beer -- and first kisses.  I'm not going to let the greed and hubris of a handful of people ruin the entire planet with their EPIC stupidity.  Are you?  

SO CARPE DIEM on this.  Suit up or shut up, Neo.  To the Batcave!  Make calls, write letters, make art, show up.  For the love of all that is right and good ~ be a hero.  What do you have to lose?

UPDATE: Please sign this petition to the President of the United States, 
UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon, US Ambassador to the UN
and US Senator Wydon

Data and action links below

Today's Fukushima news & action links:
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The first petition is to US government to send help to Japan immediately. Almost 14 months to handle this alone is too long. They need and deserve our help. An international team of the best and brightest scientists who might know how to resolve this situation needs to be summoned to Japan at once to help. 
The White House, Senators Boxer and Feinstein are still receiveing these signatures and it is helping to keep the issue on their radar.  Sign it.
Other orgs, outlets, celebrities, officials are being contacted by TRC and I will be
tagging and annoying all US government entities and press online through available social media.   I invite you to join me in annoying the hell out of people until something is done.
I will update this blog frequently with news regarding Fukushima.
Email with additional links/sources you would like to see here.
TRC will no longer be sharing news on anything but this -- and working solely toward contacting those who can help mankind avert the biggest disaster in recorded history.  
Nothing else matters, Superfriends.


  1. I donated to the Fukushima diary guy. I will send emails to senators and the like.
    In my mind te best approach might be to incentivize a memorial service. We should gather volunteers who would courageously offer there service to help stop the disaster. There families should be taken care of through an ongoing fund that we should all be responsible for contributing to, and we should remember those people forever.

  2. Thank you, Mimi - and thank you also to those who recommended on Google+


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