Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Houston, We Have Several Problems / SOS

submitted by Gabrielle Price

In regards to the daily news coming out of Japan and the lack of coverage here in the US, I am afraid we have a lot of work ahead of us.  It can be done -- we just have to have the will and courage to act.  After hearing these two interviews -- I have decided to add the companies and media outlets mentioned below, to the growing list of recipients on the global Fukushima petition.  This will be sent on June 1st, so sign it now -- time is quite literally not on our side.

There is nothing left to lose.  Occupy Mainstream Media and the NRC and save the world.  

I am working on several projects that I hope will be live before Sunday.  I intend on making the biggest  Gonzo stink I have ever made in my 44 years of existence -- if I go out -- it will be in a blaze of glory and I hope you will join this 'Mission Possible' team. 

Until then, you must learn up.  Know this information and get it out there.  No journalist: professional or citizen worth their salt is excused from duty.  Especially if you have an internet connection.  There are no more acceptable excuses.  Your pen is now your sword - wield it well. ~ Gabrielle

Flashpoints Daily Newsmag 05/06/12 - Fukushima reactor 4 still threatens the world as we know it. 
The following interview is an entire hour with Dr. Micio Kaku.  He is quoted here from the following audio: "Unit 2 we now know completely liquified. We’ve never seen this before in the history of nuclear power. A 100% liquification of a uranium core."


Flashpoints Daily Newsmag 05/14/12. Fukushima melt down update. [And Interview with Carlos Montes]  Fukushima portion of the show begins at 14:00 with an interview with Dr. Karl Grossman and another segment from Dr. Micio Kaku.

Dr. Grossman explains the problem with the media blackouts here in the US.  Corporate incestuousness between American nuclear industry, the Japanese companies who bought out GE and Westinghouse [who own and have designed the majority of US nuclear plants] and the fact that these two companies also own or have owned a large majority stake in mainstream media outlets in the US. [For instance, NBC, CBS]

From April 2012:
Dr. Helen Caldicott Fukushima Radiation and Northern Hemisphere
Dr. Caldicott referred to this as a process of "cover-up and psychic numbing." It's working. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission just approved two new nuclear power plants the week of 4/2/12 in South Carolina,  in addition to the two approved earlier this year in Georgia. Dr. Caldicott talks about the dangers and hidden costs of nuclear power then tells the awful truth in detail about the actual scale of the Fukushima disaster and compares it to the nuclear disasters of Chernobyl and Three Mile Island. Recent studies estimated that a million people have died so far from Chernobyl.  Dr. Helen Caldicott is a physician, Nobel Peace Prize winner, noted author, anti-nuclear power advocate and has founded numerous national and international groups which oppose nuclear power & weapons, including Physicians for Social Responsibility.  Find her website here

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