Monday, August 27, 2012

A Riot of Pussies

TRC founder/editor, Gabrielle Price

Something I'm seeing a lot of recently is the left's attempt to cozy up to and try to co-opt yet another brilliant group of activists, like they tried to do with Occupy and sadly, it is not unlike Paul Ryan trying to cozy up to Rage Against The Machine.  It's rather pathetic and as a fan of all kinds of music [punk being close to my heart] I had to toss my two cents into this arena.  You don't have to like it -- it's called free speech and that is what punk rock is really all about.

I've held my tongue, patiently waiting to see how this would unfold, then saw Amnesty International pick up their cause...then Madonna opened her mouth, then several other outlets, like the New York Post who had them on the cover, which I found highly ironic considering the amount of coverage Occupy hasn't gotten, for all intents and purposes -- the same damn issue.  Free speech.

I would have liked to have seen this cover with a diss of Obama on the front with the young people [and elderly, vets, WOMEN...] that have been arrested, shot at with rubber bullets, or pepper sprayed in the Occupy movement.  You don't have to like it.  That is free speech.  A pillar of what we used to call democracy.

"To announce that there must be no criticism of the president, or that we are to stand by the president right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." - Theodore Roosevelt

Pussy Riot might happen to be over the top to some uptight Americans -- since it was in a church and we're still a nation full of puckered sphincters about our religious beliefs, even though nothing else outside a church appears to be sacred to us.  Especially during election time -- oh, except what goes on in people's bedrooms or the 'holiest of holies'.  Forget about those tedious other 'wedge' issues liberals used to be passionately behind, discuss righteously, show up to the environment, the poor, the homeless...uhm, endless war, and the selling out of our democracy.

When are we all going to wake up and realize that with the NDAA, all protestors and patriots -- libertarians to Occupiers, are in danger of having their voices stifled and sentenced to jail time without representation, let alone a trial.  Obama passed indefinite detention on New Year's Eve.  I wonder what day that became okay for liberals?  Have they conveniently forgotten that this was the next logical step in Bush's plan of whittling away our rights?  What do they tell themselves that makes them feel better or sleep nights?  

I've had some close friends that were very supportive, spiritual, loving and open -- until the last six months [and I haven't changed my tune at all in that time, by the way] but now when I *GASP* dare to criticize the president, these loving, flowery people turned into something worse than tea bagging trolls -- emotionally reactionary, painting me as a hater, a racist, a conservative, oh...and a Romney supporter?  Tell me how this is 'enlightened'?  Now that Occupy has not allowed itself to become co-opted, it's officially off their radar and of course they don't see the realities of their fellow citizens [and friends that they used to wholeheartedly support] who still risk life, limb and now freedom, while they enjoy their 'temporary safety'. As a consequence, I know whatever actions I take to protest, speak out or fight for the same, I do not have folks that were with me at the beginning of this journey.

And you know what?  That's okay.

I know it's not their fault that fear robbed them of their reason.  That and election theater has them by the short and curlies like so much reality TV.  In the real world, Wall Street criminals still run rampant fucking up the global economy.  Some are still working in this administration that helped crash the economy in 08 to almost near global scale.  And that is according to our own Treasury horses mouth [or ass], Ben Bernanke, not to mention Tim Geithner admitting that the Treasury participated in this global ponzi scheme for years. The same shit goes on unabated.  Do you think when the economy collapses this next go-round, that the first thing on anyone's mind will be wombs or your neighbor being gay?  I'm going to hazard a guess it will be more of a collective 'OH FUCK' regarding whether anyone will be able to pay a mortgage, the rent, get water out of the tap or food at the grocery store. And the possibility of no electricity means no more internet to piddle away on and part of me welcomes that, simply because some real soul searching will begin.

I'm not saying anything new under the sun here -- I've been writing about these things for several years.  But you'd think I'd just dropped out of the sky with this information or turned the Mack truck brights on an unsuspecting herd of deer.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

The cacophony of opportunistic posers falling over themselves to stroke these punk darlings is laughable.  These are women that would likely perform a punk rock prayer in your hometown church than have your back in a political discussion in this patriarchal globalist system.  Then there's Madonna, who played the halftime show at the biggest gladiator game in the US: the Super Bowl.  None of these folks have any desire to see this system fail, anymore than Wall Street bankers do...but here's a newsflash: it doesn't matter what they want, you want or I want -- it's going to fail anyway.   The 'Material Girl' likely won't give a shit about you when that happens, even if you sing Fuck The Police at FBI headquarters.  I would invite Madonna to put her money where her mouth is and go to the Occupy anniversary and sing a chorus of that to NYPD.  I might even buy that album.

Real protest music [which is damn rare] says what it means and doesn't apologize for not fitting the mold of music industry, liberals or conservatives like Paul Ryan who laughably claim Rage Against the Machine 'speaks to him'.  Or perhaps he is in the closet?  A social anarchist like Chomsky?  HA! Highly doubtful.  Probably just trying to get the young Obama and his team of cheerleaders desperately want the female and gay vote because his numbers were in decline.  

GOP war on gays -- Obama meme says 'I'm for gay marriage!' Hooray!  GOP war on women -- Hillary meme says 'I'm for women's rights!'  Free birth control -- Hooray!  Where is everyone on 'war on clean water', 'war on clean air', the 'war on free speech', the war on 'democracy itself'?  I've been protesting and cheering for those things since before 08.  Now these precious things are in more dire straits under a democrat than they were under the helm of the former swine-child we'd ALL like to block out of memory. 

Everyone knows the classic liberal issues are no-brainers.  Isn't it convenient to have a whole party act like a bunch of mongoloids that fell off the turnip truck to bash every wedge issue for liberals to 'magically' counter and look like heroes during an election season -- while we still rather conveniently don't talk about the moral hazards of this president's drone killings, war for dwindling oil, Wall Street or the whittling away of our own rights as citizens under the NDAA?

Just sayin.

Call me a racist, a conservative or a hater -- I am none of those things.  I am a world citizen, a woman and a mother.  This president is just another man in a long line of patriarchal bullshitters.  A vote is not a pledge of fealty to any man, leader or party.  In a real spiritual sense, my oath is to the earth.  There aren't going to be jobs on a dead planet, let alone a democracy.  So if you're going to fight for anything resembling real freedom in a globalist system after collapse, do it now, do it loud and make it fucking count.  The whole world is, indeed, watching.  In fact, many countries are on the edge of their seats waiting for the US to wake up and get off it's collective brainwashed ass.

The best article I read that made any sense or had any semblance of truth in it about Pussy Riot's message was written by a Russian journalist, Vadim Nikitin in the New York Times.  I don't call myself a fan of this publication -- let alone promote it but I've said it before -- even a broken clock is right twice a day:
Anyone who has bothered to see them beyond their relevance as anti-Kremlin proxies will know that these young people are as contemptuous of capitalism as they are of Putinism. They are targeting not just Russian authoritarianism, but, in Tolokonnikova’s words, the entire “corporate state system.” And that applies to the West as much as to Russia itself. It includes many of the fawning foreign media conglomerates covering the trial, like Murdoch’s News Corp., and even such darlings of the anti-Putin “liberal opposition” establishment as the businessman and anti-corruption campaigner Aleksei Navalny. 

Pussy Riot’s fans in the West need to understand that their heroes’ dissent will not stop at Putin; neither will it stop if and when Russia becomes a “normal” liberal democracy. Because what Pussy Riot wants is something that is equally terrifying, provocative and threatening to the established order in both Russia and the West (and has been from time immemorial): freedom from patriarchy, capitalism, religion, conventional morality, inequality and the entire corporate state system. We should only support these brave women if we, too, are brave enough to go all the way.
This isn't just Putin-bashing.  And I'm not just talking about America -- the whole globalist system is in a holding pattern of patriarchal, economic, corporate domination and Pussy Riot opened their mouths in a building considered part of this ancient system's 'holiest of holies' to let you, me and everyone know they are fucking over it.  The Cold War is over and so is the first world of privileged, slacktivist democracy.

Millions who have no voice in this system will be better off after it's collapse. Since I have learned about the dire environmental costs of keeping this destructive system alive, I have withdrawn my consent from it.  I am more than happy to support Pussy Riot's strong warrior-feminine message, to mosh while watching this system's demise, and joyously await it's death rattle.  That is the only sound that signals the earth might breathe easier and just maybe the wholesale destruction of the planet stops dead in it's tracks. 

Brothers and sisters, if you recognize that this is a fight not just for human rights but for the living planet -- I invite you to punk rock that shit.   Be brave enough to go all the way.  Another world is possible.  It's where all the politically recovered and awakened beings are -- just waiting for you with open arms.

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