Monday, February 13, 2017

A Message to Donald Trump : HIRE THIS GUY

submitted by Gabrielle Jones-Price

I have shared Mr. Steele's work on TRC before, around the time Wikileaks dumped its first batch of documents that eventually got Chelsea Manning arrested, put in jail and now awaiting clemency by the last administration. Robert Steele applauded and advised online bloggers and media analysts [like myself], when I was neck deep in investigating oil companies after the BP Gulf Disaster. I found Michael C. Ruppert's work during that same time and deeply appreciate the courage it takes for former intelligence staffers to stick their necks out for the truth.

Wikileaks has eluded to releasing more documents on January 19th. TRC has reason to believe this conversation with Mr. Steele may be relevant to this coming leak.

Robert David Steele has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.  Please sit with this for a moment.

Ignoring the very real dangers outside the realm of social justice politics at home, is to ignore America's role in ongoing globalization and Wall Street crimes against other nations, creating more humanitarian crises perpetrated by the military industrial complex that JFK warned us about. Trump may be useful to a swarming deep state but he is NOT the deep state. We all know he is out of his element and this message serves to reach out in the spirit of helping this administration make decisions on the best way forward for the Republic.

Yes, Republic. Democracy is in its death throes. Mr. Steele offers suggestions about the possibilities of electoral reform as well, which should be made paramount.

 Mr. Steele identifies those who are in President Trump's inner circle but do NOT have his best interests or America's interests at heart. This information-packed and fascinating interview is loaded with critical information about how Trump won, what he needs to do forthwith to remain viable, and what the future might hold if he does not.

Robert David Steele's website:

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