Tuesday, May 9, 2017

S.O.S. From The Wilderness - Help Save Mike Ruppert's Online Archive

an appeal by Gabrielle Jones-Price

Greetings, patrons.

I've been contacted by the tireless team of people behind keeping Michael Ruppert's work available online at From The Wilderness blog.  They need our help and with their blessing, I've started a Fundrazr to assist them. All monies raised will cover fees necessary to keep this incredible investigative repository up and running before the deadline of May, 21st.

Fundrazr's widget code does not work here. Please use the above link or the QR code below from your phone or device to learn more and donate what you're able. I believe it is USD only. You may also use my Paypal donate button to donate in a different currency. I know Mike's global community will wish to help if they can.
Michael passed away 3 years ago and left those he trusted most to watch over his legacy. It has been a rough few years but I've gotten to know these folks and their commitment to keeping Mike's work going and respecting his last wishes. Their efforts are nothing short of inspirational. I'm honored to act as archivist for the official book page for Crossing The Rubicon but it is Michael's From The Wilderness newsletters and website archive that started it all. Mentioned in the documentary Collapse, this website remains an invaluable trove of information for any truth seeker, researcher, or journalist looking for hard-hitting and well vetted articles from a consummate pro.

Let not this flame die out.

Thank you for supporting,
On behalf of Jenna, Ali, Gma and JR.
Love, #TeamMCR

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