Friday, April 12, 2019

ANNOUNCEMENT: TRC Has Moved to Wordpress, With A New Name

A message from TRC founder, Gabrielle Jones-Price

Greetings to my long-time patrons and followers.

The Refreshment Center's archives have been imported to my new Wordpress blog, called Gabracadabra Studios but will certainly remain here for posterity. This new blog is an aggregate of most of the work I've done in the last 8 years or so. This includes my photography -- which I'm embracing once again -- as well as design, curation and other artistic pursuits that keep most media folk sane in the U.S.

A lot of changes have occurred this last year and I'm excited to share more with you at the new blog. I hope you will come along, subscribe and keep up-to-date with current news items as well as Mike Ruppert's Crossing The Rubicon archives [a special announcement coming soon], new essays, guest posts and gobs of permaculture media from my new home, Green Acres Permaculture Village. I've taken on the role of Outreach Coordinator and the learning curve has been a long one. Apologies for the absence. 

I wanted to get some real shit done and walk my talk...and frankly, I've been ready to ditch G00gle's panopticon for awhile now. If you have read anything from Ruppert, or more recently, Assange -- you'll know what that means and understand how the words 'conspiracy theory' were flipped on their head recently. 

I'd like to invite you all to read my first essay in some time, the 'launch post' at Gabracadabra Studios, "Official Launch: Want More? Need Less."

On the blog, you will also find social links to find me on the web under this new moniker. The Refreshment Center's Facebook page is still very active, if you wish to follow news aggregation there and I invite you to also follow the official FB page for Crossing The Rubicon.

There are other places you'll find me writing, sharing permaculture and bioregional information and possibly podcasting again in future. Co-creating resilient community is busy work -- the best kind -- and I feel, the most needed.

Thank you all for reading, watching, supporting and encouraging this media maven these many years. I'm not done by a long-shot...

#ProtectAssange #ProtectTheFirstAmendment #MakeJournalismGreatAgain

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