Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Occupy Fear and Loathing / Update ~ Santa Rosa

by Gabrielle Price


We have not reached bat country yet - but have had the most amazing chance encounters while having the truck worked on here in Santa Rosa, California.

On December 17th, my intern and I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing Mr. Michael C. Ruppert at his home before heading back to Santa Rosa for truck repairs.  Footage is being edited as I type this and a teaser video is coming your way.

Last night, while waiting to hear back about the truck - we visited a local coffee shop owned by a family in the area.  We came across a local publication called the Sonoma County Peace Press, with the words "Why Occupy?" on the cover, Published by the Peace & Justice Center of Sonoma County.  After chatting with the coffee shop owners we found out the offices for the Peace & Justice center were within walking distance.

We walked down to ask if they would be interested in doing an interview with us and they were having a meeting.  We went down about half an hour later and sat in on a personal introduction session - where everyone shared some personal history about what brought them to the occupy movement.  It was very a very enlightening and emotional experience.

It was announced that the General Assembly was about to begin at the Santa Rosa City Hall grounds.  Several from this group left to attend and we walked toward City Hall a few blocks away to attend and take photos.

Much of the discussion focused on fundraising, with one of the ladies in the group sporting a handmade knit hat with the initials OSR [Occupy Santa Rosa] which is available for sale.

A spokesperson with the group that I had met at the Peace & Justice center, gave me the floor to announce our intent with the occupy Fear and Loathing media tour and to explain our predicament with the truck and the need for a safe place for the night.  The other spokesperson, Jackie, a former police officer, offered her home up for us to stay.

Jackie was scheduled to attend a meeting/discussion at a place called the Share Exchange, where there was a well known author who had been invited to talk about transition.  It was standing room only, however, so we grabbed some food nearby until we heard back that we could come in. It was packed.

We had missed most of the discussion but found that many people in the room were highly in tune with the occupy and transition movements. The owner of the store explained how every product in the exchange was from local artisans, crafters and photographers only. The tagline for the store is "...incubating the local community."  Its intent is to create local jobs, support local entrepreneurs and hosting events in a cooperative work space to encourage collaboration, resource sharing and to act as a regional model.

Jackie introduced us to several other people there and an announcement was made that a couple attending needed a place to stay with their young daughter.  Jackie immediately volunteered her home again as she made a connection with the little girl who was happily chatting up everyone in the store.

The evening ended with a caravan of us following Jackie to her home, nestled behind a green market in Healdsburg.  We shared a late meal and loads of interesting conversation with the folks who stayed with us.  One, a local builder and the couple; a Rumanian storyteller and his wife and daughter.  We talked about everything from permaculture to mythology, to peak water and disaster capitalism.

Never before have I met such gracious, loving and intelligent people in one place, at one time, on one journey, with one collective mindset.

We all see what's coming.  We are all working to prepare the ground for which we hope to see our children and grandchildren walk upon.  People realize that it will look much different than it does now or how it has looked in the past.  This is a frightening realization to many who have not begun to ask important questions, who have been asleep and have placed blind faith in a system that does not care for them or their future; let alone the future of this planet.

Every person involved in this movement should be looking within to ask if they are walking the path of their soul purpose, or if their actions continue to keep the status quo in power. Because make no mistake ~ a movement of the people is inherently a movement rooted in spirit.  This movement is bubbling up like a geyser and it's spirit cannot be broken.

Stay tuned for more updates!
Namaste ~ Gabrielle

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Occupy Fear and Loathing Media Tour Announcement

by Gabrielle Jones Price

Greetings, Refreshment Center patrons and welcome to our occupy media tour!

This journey began a little over a week ago with my arrival in Portland to meet with TRC's intern and videographer.  I'm writing something everyday since we left on the 10th.  When wireless signals are available and time allows, you'll be seeing more here. The goal is to post every other day if not every day.  We're collecting a lot of photos, video footage and interviews.

So far, we've yet to meet a soul who has not heard of the Occupy movement and the majority [I'm talking VAST] are on the side of the protesters.  From the smallest towns, to the largest cities - the movement is taking root and growing.  There is a genuine spiritual undercurrent and connection happening along the way as well - it is undeniable that the people are making history.

I am pleased to announce that we'll interviewing some important writers, speakers and teachers as we head south through California, to Arizona and on to Texas.  Your support of this journey helps us sustain it - we've had one rough patch with the equipment but that has been remedied now.  Your donation helps us on our journey to deliver 'news you can use' from the Occupy movement.

As always, TRC thanks you for your support in all forms - sharing, reposting, tweeting, commenting and donations as well. 

More soon from the open road!!!


"Don't let the greedheads win." ~ Hunter S. Thompson

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