Sunday, July 29, 2012

Moment of Clarity - In Defense of Bad Words

contributor Lee Camp

Offended by bad words? Well, let me ask you - What exactly is a bad word? 
Watch this video and please let me know - which ones are truly offensive?

Thursday, July 26, 2012

OWS Week 7/25 - Anaheim police shootings, Occupy Storefront Picket Support, ConEd & more

submitted by Gabrielle Price

This episode of the show reports on Anaheim shootings, NYC ConEd occupy Storefront Picket Support, TIAA-CREF Divest Rally & Occupy Town Square and Casseroles march. OWS Week also covers events in Jackson Heights as well as LA Solidarity Park and Chalk Walk vigil and Festival Cultural. Also on this edition of the show we report on MacArthur Park march in solidarity with Mexico YoSoy132. Then there's Portland: EPIC Rally for Housing Justice.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Did The Lord Say To Be A Greedy A$$hole?

contributor Lee Camp

Are being rich and Christian mutually exclusive?  I did the research so you wouldn't have to.  I'm not usually into Bible quotes, but you have to hear these!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Max Keiser at SPIEF 2012 - Why He's The Most Dangerous In Financial Media

TRC editor/contributor Gabrielle Price

"While other news personalities report on the Greek riots from the shelter of a luxury hotel's rooftop, Max and Stacy are down in the square with flak jackets, gas masks and a camera rolling despite the bedlam taking place all around them.  When other pundits lament the lack of regulation, Max and Stacy call for the bank executives' heads to roll.  No one speaks with more candor and no one speaks with more courage on behalf of all of us - the victims of the most infamous unpunished heist in world history."  ~  excerpt from The 25 Most Dangerous People in Financial Media by Huffington Post's Joshua M. Brown, author of Backstage Wall Street

Max Keiser and The Keiser Report on RT was voted number one on this list.  There's a reason Hillary Clinton is worried about the US 'losing the information war', and named RT as one thorn in their side. Her testimony was chilling during a time when Occupy was just getting started and the message it sent  was a signal to all of us in free press.  Hillary's words were, by proxy, the words of this administration and proved to be brazenly unpatriotic and servile to the interests of the 1%.

This clip of Max at SPIEF 2012: European Crossroads highlights exactly why the man makes the elite writhe in their chairs.  The truth hurts and Max delivers it with relaxed, scathing precision and a good dose of humor at the incredulous ponzi scheme that everyone seems to know about from free press sources -- but the US media never covers.

It's important to note that most of the guests on The Keiser Report are ignored to the extent of virtually being banned from mainstream media. The fact is, this man gives those voices space to present viewpoints that we would never see on CNBC or CNN Money.  It is exciting to watch Max get the opportunity to challenge junk economics in this open forum and in neutral territory.

You don't even need to understand the details of this global crisis.  In fact, most of the details are only there to confuse the public and steer the conversation away from reasonable discourse and more importantly, full disclosure.  That is where Max shines out for the rest of us.

The Refreshment Center applauds Max Keiser and RT.
We're pleased to share episodes from The Keiser Report and OWS Week regularly. 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

OWS Week 7/11 - Independence Day Rallies & National Gathering, Philadelphia

submitted by Gabrielle Price

This episode of the show covers Philadelphia: National Gathering - speeches, rallies, marches through to July 4th.  OWS Week also covers Chicago: NATO 5 Support action - Occupy Chicago marched to the office of State Attorney Anita Alvarez to demand freedom for the #NATO5.  Also on this edition of the show we report on Chicago US Independence Day rallies.

NOTE: OWS NYC correspondent, Paul Talbot, was brutally arrested at Zuccotti yesterday.  His camera, footage and little companion dog, Omar, are safe.  At last report, Paul may be arraigned this morning.  His coverage of Nat Gat is featured in this episode.  Please share widely with heartfelt support and solidarity.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Moment of Clarity : Quick & Dirty Explanation Of The LIBOR Banking Scandal

contributed by Lee Camp

As most of you know, the LIBOR banking scandal is rocking the world. Here's the quickest and easiest explanation you'll find anywhere. And only three minutes long!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Chris Hedges - Live in Los Angeles / Part Three

A film by Michael Sosebee for Occupy

submitted by Gabrielle Price

On June 28, 2012 Chris Hedges gave an historic talk to a sold-out audience at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church, in Los Angeles, California.  In this final installment, Chris talks about the struggles of the working class and poor of America who are losing unemployment benefits, their homes and food stamps.  He speaks about grassroots movements, his arrest in DC, the birth of Occupy, their demands and his successful law suit against President Obama's unconstitutional NDAA law.

My personal thanks to Michael Sosebee for sharing this beautifully filmed footage with TRC and I applaud him for his integrity in gifting Chris's important words and historical message to Occupy and its supporters.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Chris Hedges - Live in Los Angeles / Part Two

A film by Michael Sosebee

submitted by Gabrielle Price 

On June 28, 2012 Chris Hedges gave an historic talk to a sold-out audience at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church, in Los Angeles, California.  In part two, Chris talks about his new book collaboration with graphic artist Joe Sacco, "Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt".  Chris shares how he and Joe traveled to the most depressed pockets of the United States to combine narrative nonfiction with graphic art.  From the streets of Camden, New Jersey, the devastated coal fields of West Virginia, the Lakota reservation of Pine Ridge, South Dakota, Chris discusses the view of existence when the marketplace rules and the outcome of corporate capitalism when it is unregulated and unfettered.

A moving discussion which questions a corporate-created society that has lost the capacity for the sacred.

Don't Miss Part One

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Moment of Clarity : The Shadows Are Taking Over

contributor Lee Camp

We watch 15 years of television during our lifespan and that doesn't even account for time on the iPad and the cell phone.  Are the shadows on the wall taking over?

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Congressman Alan Grayson did.  You know you wanna...

OWS Week 7/4 - Philly National Gathering, Anti-foreclosure, End Drones, Anti-WalMart and more

submitted by Gabrielle Price

This week's episode of OWS Week covers Sacramento, CA: Anti-foreclosure rally.  Chicago, IL: Occupy Chicago joins Picket against Threats of War, Hands off Syria and Iran; end the drone wars.  OWS Week also covers Washington, DC: protesting rate increases and cuts to employee pensions; Solidarity march with striking U.S. Postal workers. Long Island City, NY: Occupy action against Citigroup.  Los Angeles, CA: RAGE (Rally against Gentrification Everywhere), coalition of LA Community Action Network, Occupy Skid Row, Occupy the Hood and Occupy LA rally against the Central City Association.  Last but not least, LA Anti-Walmart demonstration against expansion of Walmart.  Philadelphia, PA: Occupy National Gathering, first and second day, occupy groups from around the country and supporters begin their assembly in NYC, NY: HighLine Rally against the Spectra pipeline.

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Chris Hedges - Live in Los Angeles / Part One

A film by Michael Sosebee
submitted by Gabrielle Price

On June 28, 2012 Chris Hedges gave an historic talk to a sold-out audience at the Immanuel Presbyterian Church, in Los Angeles, California.  In part one, Chris begins by discussing his father's impact on his career and integrity, then on to speak about the populist movements and writing of early journalists, propaganda and how it has historically seduced the public into war in the US.  He explains how this led to the decline of the liberal class and the birth of consumerism.

Michael is working on editing the second and third parts of this great interview and we will share them as soon as they arrive.