Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Road Home -- or the Road To Hell...

Greetings patrons.

Life circumstances dictate that I may need to ditch this venture.

The farm gig I started just a week ago has fallen through, for reasons that are so unbelievably stupid that I can barely imagine how people intend to function outside this culture while being tethered to the most problematic and destructive aspects of it...

Long story short, I can't assist these folks with any of their projects because one of them happens to be employed as a military contractor. [Hello, karma.] It is his clearance that dictates that they cannot have anyone living on site [their farm] while he's still employed by them, which means I can't be there.

I found this out a week AFTER quitting my regular online gig, and moving a third of my belongings and settling in. I was told, "I forgot to report to my bosses that you moved in, so you have to go or I lose my job."

This was obviously not something he thought through and I certainly didn't think to ask about such a scenario. It isn't my farm and what he does for a living was none of my business. I was hired to help develop a side business, implement some permaculture design and work on farm projects, like a produce stand, in exchange for room and board.

The moral? People who think they are free still aren't woke enough to see their own chains.

I'd love to keep doing the media work but I need to earn at least $200 a month to continue. Right now, I need to hustle to find work and see about another living situation later this week. No matter how good I feel my media analysis is, no media work is conducive to surviving a collapsing paradigm. [Or capitalism for that matter.]

It's true what they say...the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I need to focus more on my own actions than intentions or words now. I hope to be back here later in the fall. Thank for your understanding.

Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do.
Love and rocket stoves,

If anyone would like to assist directly to see me back here sooner, you may donate directly at: || I'll update on Twitter when I can. This is my last post for awhile.