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Greetings, patrons. Your humble author is back with a fire in her belly and a chip on her shoulder.

Its been too long. Rest assured that I have not stopped 'bearing witness' these last few years while working toward self-sufficiency, learning new ways of healing soil and practicing social permaculture.

I am sad to report that social permaculture doesn't work much better than typical community building exercise, when one considers the sorry state of the collective West and its inability to look within to do their inner work. People are people -- many are now blatantly addicted to dopamine and its attendant narcissistic tendency to shift blame and finger-point within ego-driven, 'cliques' instead of heavy lifting and getting the hands dirty with that bane of their existence: pesky ol' reality. 

Modern liberalism as mentality doesn't go quietly, no matter what 'team' one currently subscribes to politically. These days I align more with Wendell Berry than any progressive, democrat, conservative or libertarian. Maybe that makes me a Mad Farmer, too -- but I have no manifesto. Wendell sums up my feelings with the last line of his own manifesto poem: "Practice resurrection."

What's that? Amnesty, you say? Umm...

Asking for amnesty means you acknowledge something you have done wrong. Healing begins there. This IS the way to achieve healing among friends, families and communities, through earnest apology. When it comes to corporate news, and 'influencers' on social media platforms, now proven to be in cahoots with the DHS/MIC? Amnesty can only come through accountability, via criminal trial or a tribunal [or two] to achieve justice for what has been unleashed on the human race.

This will be shocking to many who are slowly awakening. Some of us have SEEN long enough to now be calm AF in the eye of this storm. Panic isn't an option. Saying "I told you so" and mocking those who are [again] EARNESTLY seeking information is unhelpful. We were, all of us, asleep once and sought out voices that resonated with where we were at that time. We should share our awakening stories now. The psychic hangover coming will require healers on deck along with compassionate critical thinkers. Energy is best focused on solutions

Anyone who follows me or has followed this blog over the years, knows that I am a free speech/free press advocate. I have never wavered from this, except I do acknowledge the need to self-censor during the last few years. On my journey to self-sufficiency through permaculture practice, some inner work and self-sacrifice was required. I wish I could say it paid off -- but the lessons are certainly worth paying forward.

I need your help to do this.

We're all going to have A LOT to process in the coming weeks, months, and years. I want to help people realize we are the map-makers and what we inherit from this point forward is a choice that must be based on mutual aid, plan B economics and giant leaps of faith.

I'm leaping once again...because I see others doing the same, both online and offline.

The Refreshment Center archives are now over on Substack. Your subscription to my TRC Substack will deliver current events, new essays, audio excerpts from Michael C. Ruppert's book, Crossing the Rubicon as well as podcasts TBA right in your inbox. This Substack account is free to ALL. There will be donate buttons at the bottom of each Substack email. Right now, I am asking for contributions via Ko-fi, both one time and monthly recurring, starting at $5 a month. [I had to ditch Patreon due to censorship of analysis from over 4 years ago. YES, they are going back and trying to memory-hole what they deem 'unclean'...]

I'm not in the business of 'creating content' or 'influencing' but sharing important information you and your community need to know to make solid, sober, and effective decisions. Patreon doesn't like that any more than FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the rest of their corporate social ilk.

Currently, I am in need of updated equipment for editing audio and video and have set a goal for this on Ko-fi. I always purchase refurbished's how I roll. I'm sharing updates on two Telegram channels and keeping fingers crossed while negotiations for a writing contract are underway. [More on that soon]. 

I restarted my old Ko-fi page in hopes you will join me in building community while we rebuild media lifeboats. Yes, we'll need more than one! There are many new places to share information that are free from censorship, which will take time to set up and run smoothly. Let's navigate this storm together while being a lighthouse for others. 

"Between the ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing, there is a field. I will meet you there." ~ Rumi

What a time to be alive! There is much to discuss. Come find me at any of the links below, say hi via PM, and join me on Ko-fi for 'behind the scenes' updates. [Okay, it's mostly me and my cat talking, I mean, social critiquing but the more the merrier.] Thanks, friends. Love and rocket stoves ~ Gabrielle


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