Resources that will help make transition easier and less stressful.
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Trusted Seed Companies
Humble Seed heirloom, non-hybrid, organic
Turtle Tree Seedbiodynamic, open-pollinated
Bountiful Gardensheirloom, untreated, open-pollinated varieties for sustainable agriculture
Seeds Trust: heirloom, open-pollinated, vegetable, native wildflower, native grass, medicinal, and some rare high altitude and cold season varieties
Trade Winds Fruit:  tropical and temperate plant seeds, heirloom herb and vegetable seeds

Baker Creek Heirloom Seedsheirloom, open-pollinated

Wild Garden Seed:  Certified Organic, open-pollinated from Oregon

Prairie Moon Nursery:  Native seeds and plants for prairie, meadow, wetland, savanna, woodland

Native American Seed:  Native American plant varieties

Oikos Tree Crops:  native edible fruits, plants, and trees, Unusuals

Forest Ag: nut and fruit, trees and shrubs

Cold Stream Farm: edible woody plants, vines, grasses, ferns

Horizon Herbs: Certified Organic medicinal herbs and vegetable seed

Miller Nurseries: outstanding cold climate selection esp. grapes, fruit and nut tree, berries, family owned

Seed Savers Exchangeheirloom & organic seed swap/trade

Permaculture and Gardening How-To's 
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