Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Your government is willfully stupid

submitted by Gabrielle Jones Price

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  1. This man is a distraction. If you believe that what goes on in the world is caused only by vain ambition or sheer incompetence, then you haven't been paying attention.

  2. A distraction from what, exactly?

    I don't believe that 'everything' that goes on in the world is caused by vanity or incompetence but certainly a lot more of the problems we're experiencing in the last 20 years have been. The stock market is about to explode and BP has about as much competence as the guy in charge of french fries at the McDonald's across the street. There's plenty of that same competence going around the corporate world which has now slipped over into politics. They care only for money and not governing or providing a service.

    When you don't pay attention to details, things get sloppy. It may not be the 'ones on high' that are screwing up but the ones running their show are making a right mess of things. Being quiet does not help...speaking truth will.


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