Monday, February 20, 2012

Global Bank Rat Resignations

by Gabrielle Price

February has been a busy month for jumping ship.  The time for rearranging deck chairs is coming to an end -- are you prepared?

1) Feb. 6, 2012 / Bank of India CEO Chaturvedi resigns

2) Feb. 10, 2012 / Tamilnad Mercantile Bank CEO resigns

3) Feb. 13, 2012 / Kuwait Central Bank CEO resigns

4) Feb. 15, 2012 / World Bank CEO Zoellick resigns

5) Feb. 15, 2012 / Anz Bank CFO Australia resigns

6) Feb. 15, 2012 / Nicaraqua Central Bank Pres Rosales resigns

7) Feb. 15, 2012 / Royal Bank of Scotland Austrailin CEO Stephen Williams resigns

8) Feb. 15, 2012 / Nova Kreditna Banka Maribo CEO resigns

9) Feb. 15, 2012 / Nova Ljubljanska Banka CEO resigns

10) Feb. 17, 2012 / Credit Suisse Chief Joseph Tan resigns

11) Feb. 18, 2012 / GERMAN PRESIDENT Christian Ruff resigns

12) Feb. 18, 2012 / GOLDMAN SACHS CEO Blankenfein Asked to resign, says No.

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