Friday, May 11, 2012

PSA : Mainstream Circus / Smoke And Mirrors Media

submitted by Gabrielle Price

...drowning in paid opinions is more accurate...
Which leads us to...
We certainly aren't paid to do this -- so who benefits?
Can't fight the "moneychangers" if you don't know who they are...

And during election season -- the disinfo goes to 11.

Turning off the TV is a good place to wrest some of your power back.
My personal solution 5 years ago was get rid of mine.
Whoever is at the end of your pointed finger isn't the problem -- your information is.
So stop getting it from monkeys in suits who are paid to press your buttons.
By the way, when you repeat what they say, you are easier to spot.
Equal parts blue and red...a parrot is a parrot.

Support indie media and you support brain food for democracy, 
not finger-pointing, poo-throwing monkeys who are told what to say.

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