Friday, June 1, 2012

CNN Reports: Fukushima Radiation In Everyday Goods

submitted by Gabrielle Price

With the blue fin tuna story breaking in the US this past week, it is imperative that we keep our eyes and ears open when the mainstream media reports on the continuing problems facing the Japanese people.  Because if the reactors are not contained as soon as humanly possible, there is no end to these problems for the rest of the industrial world when you consider the supply chain of global markets.

Keep in mind how many products are shipped from Japan and are sold in the US.  Everything from food to car parts used in manufacturing is likely exposed to large amounts of radiation as indicated in this film by CNN.

What can be done?  For starters, you can tell your local stores to stop carrying products from Japan.  You can also sign these petitions that demand we know where our food products and ingredients come from.

Japan sends food ingredients all over the world.  In the United States for example, big food manufacturers like Kellogg’s, General Mills, PEPSICO (makers of Gatorade, Frito-Lay products, Quaker, etc.) have all said they are getting ingredients from Japan but they won’t say what it is they are getting, citing “proprietary information” : basically none of your business to know.

In essence, if you live in the US and you want to avoid consuming something from Japan, you can’t. Japanese ingredients are also going into medicines, make up, animal feed, and a myriad of other products.  Citizens have a right to access to this information so if they want to avoid eating it or buying it, they can. This petition gives citizens that right.

Consumables being exported out of Japan need to be better monitored for potential contamination. Individual countries need better monitoring of their food, water, and soil too.

Denial is not an option when the health of every living creature on the planet is at stake.  Shareholder's bottom lines are negotiable -- as well as the American way of life [sorry to break it to you, G.W. Bush].
It will not be possible to maintain any way of life if we aren't concerned with the health of everyone being effected by globalization -- including the creatures and plants.  This madness must end before it ends us.

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  1. Thank you for this article.

    I recommend doing a google search for products made in Japan and make a list. I found out that my favorite cosmetic was made in Japan.

    There are so many great sites working hard to keep the latest news on Japan in the forefront.

    Here are just some of them:

    www dot enformable dot com
    www dot nuclearcrimes dot org
    www dot nuclearhotseat dot com
    www dot enviroreporter dot com
    www dot llrc dot org
    www dot nuclear-news dot net
    www dot blog dot alexanderhiggins dot com
    www dot fukushimafacts dot com
    www dot oriontalkradio dot com
    www dot sanonofresafety dot org
    www dot fairewinds dot com
    www dot enenews dot com
    www dot karlgrossman dot com
    www dot capitoilette dot com
    www dot nuclearhistory dot wordpress dot com/about
    www dot acehoffman dot com
    www dot fukushima-diary dot com
    www dot ex-skf dot blogspot dot com
    www dot simplyinfo dot org

    And look up "RadChick" on Facebook


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