Monday, December 3, 2012

Moment of Clarity: How To Make Your Life Better and Other Trivial Matters

TRC contributor Lee Camp

I struggled with the title of this video. It's about life and religion and change and stability. So I guess it's about how we do everything. Maybe the title "How We Do Everything" would've been a little less broad.

[Editor's note: Cheers, Lee -- you summed up a lot of what is wrong with the culture in this short video.  And I heard an infamous Zen quote, "Let go or be dragged" echo in my head.
It's kinda popular with a few peeps in my monkeysphere. ~ Gabrielle]

“The prison is your culture, which you sustain generation after generation. You yourself are learning from your parents how to be a prisoner. Your parents learned from their parents how to be a prisoner. Their parents learned from their parents how to be a prisoner. And so on back to the beginning in the Fertile Crescent ten thousand years ago.”

~ from My Ishmael, by Daniel Quinn

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